Junk Drawer Material

Twenty-Five Small, Unexplainable Things I Found In My Room Yesterday

1. An old water bottle half full of green food-dyed oil and half full of water labeled, in my handwriting, “Coolinova.”
2. A plastic inch-tall Timon figurine
3. A bike license plate with my name on it
4. A light switch (missing the wall)
5. A tiny wooden turtle, a tiny beanbag turtle, a tiny finger puppet turtle
6. An empty box labeled “Baby Teeth”
7. A rock painted entirely blue
8. A clockwork robot
9. A porcelain ferret
10. A small glass fish
11. Fifty tiny antique nails
12. A glow in the dark star (the kind you stick on your ceiling)
13. A small golden sousaphone
14. A tabletop football
15. A wooden giraffe
16. A crab claw
17. A one-inch-tall jar of tigers eye stones
18. The cassette tape part of an old answering machine
19. Two paper cranes
20. A small jar of apricot preserves
21. An ocarina
22. A two-dollar bill
23. A bicycle made entirely out of one piece of wire
24. Two light-up magnetic earrings
25. A tiny book about whales


2 responses to “Junk Drawer Material

  1. Just added a link b/c I didn’t know what an ocarina was.

  2. exphaaandonthat

    yup, that’s it. only mine has kokopelli on it, which makes it even cooler.

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