Bad Food Combinations

This was compiled by my roommate, my brother, my sister, my grandma, and me via Skype.

  1. Grapes and Mayonnaise
  2. Peanut Butter and Salmon
  3. Soy Sauce and Apple Sauce
  4. Ketchup and Pop Tarts
  5. Relish and Buttered Popcorn
  6. Chili and Strawberries
  7. Vanilla Pudding and Anchovies
  8. Olives and Chocolate
  9. Meatloaf and Pez Candy
  10. Broccoli and Orange Marmalade

2 responses to “Bad Food Combinations

  1. Who writes this?

  2. Lists are written by seesha, coorain, and me. But you can contribute, too, if you just click MAKE LISTS! at the top of the page there.

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