Jobs I Could Do

These are probably the only jobs I could do.

  • Radio journalist
  • Comic book writer (alternative comics, not this superhero stuff)
  • Comic book artist
  • Radio host
  • Radio producer
  • Radio DJ
  • Video blogger
  • Storycorps producer
  • Bookstore owner
  • English professor
  • Professional student
  • Folk musician
  • Someone who makes faces at babies for a living
  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Songwriter
  • Teacher
  • Professional doodler
  • Stephen Colbert’s personal assistant
  • Independent filmmaker
  • Poet
  • Album cover artist
  • Peaceful protestor
  • Professional guitar teacher for children who don’t really want to learn how to play guitar very well
  • Editor of fiction
  • Novelist
  • Professional fan
  • Journalist
  • Essayist
  • Music critic
  • Food critic
  • Whatever this is.

2 responses to “Jobs I Could Do

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  2. On the last one, the link directs me to a site that says, “You must log in to look at this entry. Please log in above to access the site.” I don’t feel comfortable creating an account. So I *guess* I’ll never know what it is.

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