My favorite smells

1. Pavement right before a summer rainstorm starts

2. Chocolate chip cookies baking

3. Adidas one second, sexiest of the inexpensive man-perfumes umm…

4. The bay breeze of the Eastham side of Rock Harbor, slightly salty, mixed with the sweetness of dewy lilac blooms

5. Boiling beach-plums in September

6. The Christmas tree

7. The sent of laundry, clean and hot out of the dryer

8. Lemon soap

9. Roman hot chocolate (for best results, smell in Rome)

10. The earthy smell of moss

11. The scent of real maple syrup

12. Jo Malone London Grapefruit boby creme

13. Mama’s pumpkin pie

14. Plimoth Plantation- the best kind of mud, farm animals, thatched roofs, cooking rabbits- best on cold rainy days

15. Tomato plants, next to marigolds

16. Concord grapes/ ripe mango

17. For some reason, my ironing board

18. Cherry blossoms in D.C.


One response to “My favorite smells

  1. I checked out your site from the blogger awards and liked it. I voted for you. I hope you win.

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