Things that you shouldn’t have a favorite of, which I do

1. Shower. No, I’m not talking about the actual stall/facility. I have an actual favorite single time I’ve ever taken a shower. Let me set the scene. I’m in rome in an apartment with a view of the entire city, colosseum ect. The bathroom is covered in green tile with a copper sink and tub. The copper takes a minute, but when it heats up it conducts well. There is a window that lines up exactly with your body as you stand in the tub to shower, without a curtain. Also, the window is looking down on an old monastery, about 4 stories up, so I occasionally see church-going people dressed up and choir boys. (They can’t really see me, despite the gaping window.) There is exactly no water pressure, but the water comes out boiling amazingly hot, just the way I love it. This forces me to take  a long, leisurely, HOT shower. In fact, the best single shower of my life to date. I’m told this is not a normal sentiment.

2.  Children. (If I had them, I’d like one more than the other. Another reason not to have ’em)

3. Personality disorder -I like schizotypal disorder

4. Eyebrow- I prefer my left eyebrow

5. Stalker- the one that wrote poems was nicer/ not as good at it

6. Kind of Borscht

7. Type of mud- I love the soft wonderful squishy kind that happens mid-spring, perfect for childhood mud-pies

8. Song by Tom Jones


2 responses to “Things that you shouldn’t have a favorite of, which I do

  1. ohmigosh sasha i miss you.

  2. wait who was your other stalker???

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