What I want to accomplish this summer

  • Fly kites. Lots of kites.
  • Take  lots of photographs with all the film I just bought.
  • Make a few pies and lost of muffins.
  • Read a few novels.
  • Save mone to become a millionaire for college because I spent all my money on college.
  • Make some quality lists.
  • Do some funky dances to various kinds of music, including, but not limited to eurodance, postminimalism, neofolk, and techno*.
  • Get more cowbell in my life.
  • Spend more time with my kittehs.
  • Fix that damned phone.
  • Find out something new about my life. It doesn’t have to be big. In fact, I’d prefer if it wasn’t. I really don’t need to find out that I have several children right now.

*Sort of unrelated, but interesting: according to wikipedia,  “pornocore” is a music genre.


4 responses to “What I want to accomplish this summer

  1. haha! what a great blog! I love that list!

    This is my first time visiting! I just voted for you on Blogger’s Choice ’09, that’s what brought me over here. Good luck!

    Not to spam you or anything, but if you get a chance, I’m up in the Best Parenting Blog Category and I’d love your vote!

  2. UPDATE: Flew a kite today, got a job projecting movies, and read a little bit in Emma by Jane Austen. Things are looking good.

  3. second the best comment.

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