Showdowns I Would Like to See

  • Malcom Gladwell vs. Ken Jennings
  • The Kool-Aid Man vs. Tony the Tiger
  • James Garfield vs. Chester A. Arthur
  • Ira Glass vs. Edward R. Murrow
  • Conan O’Brien vs. a terrier
  • Beethoven vs. Mary Shelley
  • Homer Simpson vs. Homer
  • Homer Simpson vs. Jessica Simpson
  • The Pilsbury Dough Boy vs. the Michelin Tire Man
  • Napoleon vs. James K. Polk
  • Genghis Khan vs. the Entire Spanish Armada
  • Johnny Appleseed vs. Paul Bunyan
  • Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates
  • The entire cast of “The Office” vs. the entire cast of “Thirty Rock”
  • Hamlet vs. Romeo
  • Chuck Norris vs. himself

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