Relevant Facebook ads

I’m glad to know that I am the target audience for each of these ads.

1. swarovski conver – for your costume sneakers, T shirt or your summer swimsuit, all with elegantly placed swarovski crystals. 1-800-994-9020.

These, apparently, are “costume sneakers”:


2. Peanuts and Snoopy tees – We’ve got officially licensed Peanuts and Snoopy t-shirts.

Facebook has a little ad bar on the side with three ads, and this time it was just this ad three times.


3. Rocky Mountain Diapers – Rocky Mountain Diapers are a versatile new one-sized cloth pocket diaper that grows with your baby! Comes in lots of adorable colors!


4. Red bustier corset – Just need 12.5$ free shipping you will can get Sexy red bustier Corset G-string lingerie from Yoocart, also you you hmore choose here !

Facebook isn’t doing very well with it’s grammar.


5. Evony official site – Free browser-based strategy Game. Conquer your land, built your empire.

Verbs are tough.


6. Terron and Handlebars – Doesn’t he look like a badass?! lol.


7. – Reclaim your personal space! Tired of rude and inconsiderate people victimizing you? Don’t get frustrated, just WhistleBlowThem!

I should have clicked on this to see whether they were talking about real whistles.


8. Get Real ROI by Nurturing – Learn how lead nurturing can increase your lead-to-opportunity conversion rates in this white paper from DemandGen Report.


9. FREE PCB File Check – checks PCB design files for issues that affect manufacturability and sends a detailed FREE report WITHIN MINUTES.

What does this mean? (I actually hope someone knows and explains it to me).


10. Noble Hammer Carry Coin – The genuine Carry Coin. Which ones do you carry?


11. – Love me, hate me, but can’t you see what I see?


12. Have a shoegasm – Play Sorority Life! It’s the game with the hottest shoes around!


13. Rethink – Visit our Page, get out of “the ‘how’ trap” so you can start rethinking and become a Fan.


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