Happy Father’s day/reasons I’m a daddy’s girl

1. Dad likes my weird art projects

2. He is my primary provider, as in he pays for me to eat

3. He listens to my theories about indigenous populations of Brazil and holds up his end of the conversation (?) How does he know about these things?!?

4. He once lived in a squat in london with many international strangers, including a guitarist with a little hand

5. He worked as a library page Larchmont NY, in a mail-room at american express in Paris, an english professor of tourism/hotel management in france, early morning janitor at city university in london, a yarn factory cutting labels providence rhode island,  a salesman for the national music company salesman D.C., a handy-man, a tobacco picker in western france, a bar tender in olton switzerland, a motor cycle delivery boy- washington DC, a hospital doctor Cleveland Ohio, a private practice doctor Cape Cod, Ma. Thus, he has some good stories and life advice.

6. He rides a motorcycle.

7. He listens to reason, unlike my mother.

8. He eats everything, including things I cook without recipes.

9. He loves me!


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