Just a regular day at the art gallery.

In preparation for a show at an art gallery, there’s a lot of work put into how things are arranged. A lot of deliberation goes into which paintings are hung where. These are a couple things said during a recent hanging session.

  • “Let me move this painting before it makes me nauseous.”
  • “He thought this photograph might be demeaning to women, but he wasn’t sure.”
  • “I can see it now. ‘Well Francesca, we hung your sculpture thing behind the door so people wouldn’t touch it.’ “
  • “Which would rather buy: a nude in oil or a large wooden sheep?”
  • “Oops. We put it in the closet and forgot about it. It’s fucking huge.”
  • “Old women in a pissy little town. That’s what it is.”
  • “If that person was real and life size, their head would be the size of a microwave.”
  • “God. What’s wrong with her tits? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?”
  • “We can’t hang her painting in that room; it’s the matador room.”
  • “Just move strange titties over there.”
  • “Crude and anal- there’s a big difference.”

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