About The List

  1. There was coorain and his semi-lame blog.
  2. Then he got some friends.
  3. They all liked lists.
  4. They made a blog together.
  5. It was The List.

Lists are fascinating and often revealing. I make them out of habit, in fact it might fit the definition of a compulsion. We have a tendency to avoid creating general “Best of” lists; enough people churn them out that we really don’t have to. We prefer a more personal list. Yes, we will have a few “personal favorites” lists, but (hopefully) they’ll say more about the author than the topic of those lists.

You too can submit lists! Any list.

Please email lists to:


  • Lists may be edited.
  • By submitting to The List, you are agreeing to allow us to publish your list.
  • Please include how you would like to be credited (aka your name or anonymous or whatever).

Also: We’d love to add a few more authors to the blog, so if you’re interested, mention that. We ask that you submit a list or two first.

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