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From Found Magazine

From Found Magazine


5 People with the last name “List”

  1. Friedrich List, economist
  2. Guido von List, Viennese poet, journalist, writer, businessman, and dealer of leather goods
  3. John List, mass murderer, killed his his mother, wife and three children. A month passed before anyone noticed anything was wrong.
  4. Maximilian List, architect and Nazi SS officer
  5. Wilhelm List, German field marshal in the early 1940’s

What’s for dinner?

Bread, fruit

Its ok to wear bright colors:

1. If you use them as accent pieces in an outfit to accentuate your best features ex. bright tights for hot legs

(try and pick tailored fits in bright garments.)

2. If you are not the size of a bus

3. If you are going to a cheerful event ex. party not yom kippur or a funeral

4. If the colors you’ve selected go with your skin tone

5. If it is halloween

6. If you don’t want to be “taken seriously”

7. If you are under the age of 12- bright colors every day!


From Found Magazine.

From Found Magazine.

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