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I am so glad.

I am so glad that I am in charge of this blog for these reasons:

  • Coorain is finally gone.
  • It is mine! All mine!
  • I can totally promote myself!
  • You are going to just love me more than Coorain.
  • Coorain doesn’t post like ever.
  • I’m super cool unlike other people.
  • I can incessantly bring up whatever things I want. (Like Easter. I fucking love Easter.)

Things I KNOW about Maine

1. Superromance.

2. There is a difference between the coast and the beach.

3. Mens’ Flame-Resistant Duck Work Dungaree (practical clothing).

4. Mussel harvesting.

5. The population of Newcastle, ME was 1,748 in 2000.

6. 0.29% of that population is Asian.

7. You have to choose between the outdoors and the internet.

8. Women.

9. Coorain.

Reasons I’m happy right this second (5/13/09 4:20 am)

1. My sweatshirt smells pleasant

2. The cat finally got off my bed so I feel less itchy

3. “Right Round” by Flo Rida

4. Coorain

5. Tomorrow morning I will watch Boat Trip

6. Coorain 

7. The music from (6).