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Holiday shopping! Whooooooo!

Ok, maybe not a holiday shopping list, but sometimes this is all I want around the holidays (plus a few close friends to share it with, but I don’t have to shop for those).
Actual holiday shopping lists coming soon!


Things that always sell (even in a recession).

  1. Sex.
  2. Bottled water.
  3. Cigarettes.
  4. Romance novels.
  5. Alcohol.
  6. Hard drugs.
  7. Porn.
  8. Auto repairs.
  9. Junk food.
  10. Booby pictures.
  11. Children’s books.
  12. Chicken.
  13. Used clothing.
  14. Pets.
  15. Underwear.
  16. Grave sites.
  17. Soup.
  18. Coffee.
  19. Wind turbines.
  20. Mouth guards.
  21. Spam.
  22. Guns.