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Holiday shopping! Whooooooo!

Ok, maybe not a holiday shopping list, but sometimes this is all I want around the holidays (plus a few close friends to share it with, but I don’t have to shop for those).
Actual holiday shopping lists coming soon!


Those Germans.

Some things to do


Got diet pills, need snacks

Found in a book at the library.

  • toilet wipes
  • dish rag
  • fruit
  • veggies
  • cereal
  • brie cheese
  • snacks
  • yogurt
  • lean cuisines
  • diet pills
  • Ikea desk
  • Cheap Short Shelving unit for storage.


A list found in the library.

  • Admission (UMass) Major/Full or part
  • Vet Schedule
  • NYC Vet
  • Crissy
  • Howie
  • GS on ownership options
  • loan dept (defferment)
  • dentist appt.
  • tatoo guy (email)
  • car insurance registration
  • ikea
  • GRE test (schedule)