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Post New Year’s Eve Shopping

Post New Year’s Eve shopping list:

Happy new year!


Holiday shopping! Whooooooo!

Ok, maybe not a holiday shopping list, but sometimes this is all I want around the holidays (plus a few close friends to share it with, but I don’t have to shop for those).
Actual holiday shopping lists coming soon!

Groceries with Jess

Nude L’s

From Found Magazine

From Found Magazine



All I want is Special K (and lots of it)

I like that the person felt the need to make sure cappuccino was spelled correctly, even though it’s really just a reminder for them.

Or they’re psychic and knew it would one day be blogged about.

More likely  they have some sort of compulsive disorder.

Ice cream?

Get the ice cream. Never question the ice cream.

Get the ice cream. Never question the ice cream.