Post New Year’s Eve Shopping

Post New Year’s Eve shopping list:

Happy new year!


Merry Christmas!

Holiday shopping! Whooooooo!

Ok, maybe not a holiday shopping list, but sometimes this is all I want around the holidays (plus a few close friends to share it with, but I don’t have to shop for those).
Actual holiday shopping lists coming soon!

Things to cut:

From Found Magazine.

From Found Magazine.

I am so glad.

I am so glad that I am in charge of this blog for these reasons:

  • Coorain is finally gone.
  • It is mine! All mine!
  • I can totally promote myself!
  • You are going to just love me more than Coorain.
  • Coorain doesn’t post like ever.
  • I’m super cool unlike other people.
  • I can incessantly bring up whatever things I want. (Like Easter. I fucking love Easter.)

To buy